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Amateur video of destruction in Galle, Sri Lanka caused by Indian Ocean tsunami

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SHOTLIST 1. Torrent rushing through town, vehicles and people being swept along 2. Torrent rushing through, AUDIO of screaming 3. Man trying to drag motorcycle out of floodwater, waves crashing past 4. Man standing on top of bus shelter, surrounded by half submerged buses 5. Various of buses and debris being swept along by torrent, AUDIO of screaming 6. People clinging onto side of building, water rushing past 7. Pan of flooded area, people sitting on top of half-submerged buses, AUDIO of distressed woman 8. Men on top of overturned bus 9. People climbing onto buildings, AUDIO of screaming 10. Wide of flooded area STORYLINE APTN has obtained a clean version of dramatic footage showing the impact of the devastating tsunami on the southern Sri Lankan city of Galle. Torrents of water swept through the town, taking buses and cars with it and submerging buildings and bridges. Desperate people, caught by the rising waters, tried to hang to flooded buildings but some were swept away by the water. Other were trapped on top of buses about to sink. Nearly all homes within about a kilometre (half a mile) of the coast were destroyed or damaged by the tidal waves. By Wednesday, hopes were dimming of finding more survivors as the country''s official death toll rose to almost 22,500. The city, which is about 200 kilometres (124 miles) south of Colombo, is now suffering food shortages as shaken refugees crowd into churches, mosques and Buddhist temples. The government in Colombo has called Sunday''s events a national disaster and has appealed for emergency relief. The tidal waves were triggered by a huge earthquake off northeast Indonesia, some 15-hundred kilometres

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